Matilda van den Bosch

Matilda is a doctor in medicine as well as in landscape planning and public health.

Since July 2016 she is an assistant professor at The University of British Columbia, Canada, where she holds a shared affiliation between the School of Population and Public Health and the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences.

She investigates how environmental exposures, for example urban green spaces, can influence human health and how this displays in various populations across various socioeconomic conditions. The policy goal is to develop evidence-based plans for healthier cities in a changing climate, with sustainable solutions for the health of humans and natural environments.

Her interests include regulating urban ecosystem services, such as heat reduction and consequential reduction in heat related morbidity and mortality, as well as cultural services form urban nature, involving for example increased physical activity and stress recovery with regards to preventing several non-communicable diseases. Much of the research focuses on linkages between various types of land-use data and health mediators or outcomes.

Matilda works for numerous health and environment related international organizations, for example the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Environmental Program (UNEP), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Climate Change and Innovation Bureau Health Canada. She is Associate Editor of Urban Forestry & Urban Greening and first editor of the Oxford University Press textbook on Nature and Public Health, published in January 2018.