Detailed program for parallel sessions

Friday October 12th

Parallell session 10:45-12:05

Session 1
Urban Green Space I
Use and perception of formal and informal green spaces
Urban parks and forests reduce physiological stress while cities do not: comparisons of virtual virtu
Health supporting effects of gardens
The benefits of urban agriculture for enhancing human health in Brussels, Belgium
Session 2
Urban Green Space II
Public health and wellbeing benefits from green roofs and walls – a systematic review
Exploring the intersection of horticultural therapy, forest therapy and contemplative arts
Nature integration of migrants and indigenous Swedes: new skills, nature and social connections
Evidence-Based design and evaluation of a hospital garden

Parallell session 14.00-16.00

Session 3
Farming for health
Is an urban farm always a care farm?
A pathway to farming for transitioning service members and veterans
Care farms and future developments in health care in the Netherlands
GROW, a project with nature-Based rehabilitation and work training for traumatized refugees
´To make a difference for someone´- Green care farming in Sweden
Session 4
Animal-assisted interventions
SLU Future platform: Animal, Nature and Health
Cats in Swedish nursing homes: use, perception and the Cat´s well-being
Animal-assisted interventions for elderly people – who is it good for, and how do we know.
Equine assisted interventions as support for everyday function and activities
farm based day care services in Norway for people with dementia – expert identified key components
Session 5
Nature-based interventions in different settings
Visitor experience and impressions of Bedgebury Pinetum: Maximizing well-being
Horticultural Therapy at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre in Toronto, Canada
Health benefits of horticultural intervention in UK prison settings
Migration as opportunity to build new place attachments
“I feel brighter in me-self”: How do front gardens impact health and well-being

Saturday October 13th

Parallell session 10.30-12.10

Session 6
Supportive outdoor environment
Using nature to nurture – benefits of natural play space for young children
Effects of green school spaces
Education for sustainable development – Botanical Gardens in the 21st century – a case study
An Urban Gardener Growing People
Experience of nature-Based Interventions for individuals with residence permit.
Session 7
Horticulture therapy
Hospital therapeutic gardens: Promoting health and well-being across communities
Case of psychological integration found in primary metaphor of transplantation
Effects of the hand care treatment with aroma on cognition against mci and all concerned persons
From founding an organization to a new bio-psycho-social-ecological concept of Garden therapy
Gardening activity for memory in elderly
Session 8
Urban agriculture
Swedish you adult´s experiences of opportunities and obstacles when eating plant based food
Successes sand challenges in implementing an urban sustainable food model
Sustainable integration through  cultivation
Fruit and vegetable consumption of homeless/near-homeless gardeners and non-gardeners
Development and operation of kitchen garden in apartment complex for activation of community